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a very raw EP of 6 folk songs, that I compiled because I think they describe the feels I had in Brighton (2010 - 2011) quite well. Consisting of one shot samples and old recordings that in the end I decided to just release as it is.

Album art is a painting I did inspired by Edgar Degas' "L'Absinthe", showing me chillin with 3 green fwends :3





released April 6, 2011



all rights reserved


Green of Life Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi, my name is Andra, "Green of Life" is my musical/poetic moniker and these are my musical outputs

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Track Name: Brighton
Thank god I’m not as crazy as I thought
I still can differ what’s sweet and what’s not
I feel like I am lucky in most cases more than not
It’s such a shame I‘m drawn to think there’s something that is awfully wrong

But if the things I’m worrying turns out
To be the things I should be thanking now
Well isn’t it a waste of time to think through every fault
I better just lay back and watch as comedy or tragedy unwind

Let it be done
I don’t mind
I don’t mind, I don’t mind, I don’t mind

Walking around artsy Brighton-town
Where I expect inspirations to be found
And though the green of life is ripe I can still feel these walls
Or maybe it’s just me that’s really falling to a steady hole

And if to be close to where you are
Is the reason I am singing this song now
Then forgive my longing cause it’s there to stay at least forever
You can only pray for my well being or for anyone to open up my eyes

Let her shine
You’re too bright
You make everyone else look dark

For years now
I’m alive
In an emptiness I cannot define

Oh my god
Mercy, mercy, mercy
Open the new paradigm
Track Name: Human Minds
The human mind is a very nice thing
The human mind is a very nice challenge

The human mind is a very nice thing
The human mind is a very nice challenge

When god made the human minds did he know what he’s doing?
When god made the human minds did he know that he’s making a very nice entertainment?

The human mind is a very nice job
The human mind is a very nice memory

The human mind is a very nice game
The human mind is a very nice destiny

When god made the human minds did he know what he’s doing?
When god made the human minds did he know that he’s making a bittersweet feast?

The human mind is a very nice thing
The human mind is very nice painting
Track Name: Kreativita
Bintang yang aku suka
Engkau Tinggalkanku
aku ini perlu cahyamu

kau mampu
membuat tangisanku
sumber kekuatanku
pakai saja ini diriku


warna yang aku suka
membuat arti baru
melahirkan semi baru

baginda realita
ratu impianmu itu
bercintalah dalam kalbuku

Cantiknya Kreativita
Aku suka hijaunya


Oh Force
The star that I like
You leave me
I do need your light

You’re able
To change my tears
The source of my power
Come on
Feel free to use me


Its green
Is the colour that I like
In making new meanings
In giving birth to new springs

Make peace
Lord Reality
The Queen of your Dreams
Make love
Make love within my soul

So pretty, creativity
I like its green
Track Name: Kesunyian
Wahai dunia
yang penuh suara dan warna-warna
Ijinkan aku sesaat terdiam
diam berserah segala rasa
Dalam kesunyian ini
yang kurela hidupi
Hendak kujalani
dicinta dan dimengerti

bentuk matriks ilahi dunia ini
Yang tak pernah perlu engkau ketahui
Biar saja aku angkat beban ini
Dalam kesunyian ini
Sendiri ini
Di Dalam sunyi
Semuanya kuresapi

Hidup ini
tak bisa sendiri, tapi di sunyi
ku lebih mengerti semesta ini
sihir dan logika enggan berarti
Dalam kesunyian ini
hanya cinta yang tetap
tetap berarti
dan hanya mimpi yang mengerti


dear world
which is filled with sounds and colours
allow me to be still for a moment
still, submitting to all feels
in this silence
which I’m willing to live in
I intend to walk upon
I will love and understand

I realised
The shape of the divine matrix of this world
Which you will never have to understand
Just let me lift this burden
in this silence
this aloneness
Within silence
I absorb everything

This life
can’t be lead alone, but in silence
I understand the universe more
Magic and logic unwilling to have meaning
In this silence
Only love remains
Remains meaningful
And only dreams understand
Track Name: Sleep It Off
Sleep it off
And when you wake you will not ache
Sleep it off
And when you wake you‘ll see a brand new day
Sleep it off
And the thoughts you thought were wrong, well they’re just silly
Sleep it off
You will find a better way

Sleep it off
And when you wake you need not cry again
Sleep it off
And when you wake you could do all the things you need to
Sleep it off
And then you’ll see you could decide what’s truly right
Sleep it off
And you’ll never be as blue

Sleep it off
And when you wake you will find love
Sleep it off
And when you wake you will be guided by god
Sleep it off
And you won’t care about the things that you’ve been through
But the love
That you gave the whole way through

And the love
That you took the whole way through
Track Name: A Place That Is No Place
Chasing our dreams across that town, I have these visions clear
I bet I couldn’t dare to resist falling in love with you again
Eating out, making out, going to shows, helping each other make things right
A better way in wasting my time with you again

Though the stars they shine bluntly in the sky, I can feel the sharpness of your eyes
Piercing through the darkness of the night and watching my every step
Tell me baby yea is this real love that made me so clichéd and dull
With words so shallow and light, I bet you’re laughing now

I’ll come along, open your eyes as you keep me sane from all these signs
That would lead us to a time when our love is safe and sound
God has gifts for each of us, like the union of our souls
Tying knots through endless space and blooms throughout the universe

You drift me away to a place that is no place
In that empty space, I drew pictures of our fate
One shows a time when you came back
As I struggle to prove myself
And the words that came out made you smile
And so the wait means nothing bad
Now believe that I will wait
Yeah for now I’ll be your friend
But later I’ll hold your hand
As the things I dreamt unfold as truth
The Love I built in that hollow space
I’ll show it all to you

Every time I think of you I don’t know what to see
Other than the love you made me feel and all the things it brought to me
Cause in the end through the trials of life well all you need is love
And when I think of love I only have bright visions of you in my eyes

I’ll show it all to you